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Choose EyeMed, VSP, or both.

We love to find ways to simplify your business, and we look for partners that can also offer you the level of service you expect. Our product offerings now include the nation’s top two vision networks: EyeMed and VSP. This means that groups can offer one, or both vision providers to their employees. It’s just another way we are taking complexity out of the equation to make benefits, simple.

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  • Access to 98,000 independent practitioners
  • Leading retail providers at more than 27,000 locations
  • Open an average of 10 evening hours and 12 weekend hours each week
  • Nearly 100 frames priced $130 or less at every location
  • 20% off remaining frame balance and non-prescription sunglasses
  • 40% off any additional purchases of complete pairs of glasses
  • 15% off retail price or 5% of promo price for LASIK or PRK

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  • Access to 101,000+ VSP providers
  • Premier program includes private and 700+ Visionworks retail locations
  • 91% of VSP providers offer early morning, evening, or weekend hours
  • An extra $20-$40 to spend on featured frame brands
  • 20% discount on remaining frame balance, additional prescription glasses and non-prescription sunglasses
  • Largest network of independent providers
  • 15% off retail price or 5% of promo price for LASIK or PRK

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